The Olympics are Over. Swimming is Not.

The Olympics may be over but you can bet swimming is not. Since it seems like everyone immediately goes from swimming fanatic to forgetting the sport exists the night of the closing ceremonies, I decided to put together a few reasons why swimming should be watched all the time, not just on a once every four years basis. Check it out here!

WATCH: Top swimming moments of the Rio Olympics

The Olympics bring a lot of good things, the best of which being: swimming. Of course, swimming is an annual sport, and by no means confined to the very limited time frame of the The Olympics. But the global competition does have a knack for bringing out the best in the best, and this video shows it all…right—here

Swim Kick Sets You Won’t Hate

In life, there are always things we despise, but that must endure in order to be better at what we do like. Swim kicks are one of those things. Often the bane of many a swimmer’s existence, it is nonetheless recommended, mandatory even, that we complete them in order to get stronger, faster, and better. That said, I stumbled across this blog post that makes swim kicks—bearable? I don’t know, they’re better than usual at least. Check it out!