Kansas City Shows Off Supply Chain Plan for Smart City

It’s so great to see a city like Kansas City, which doesn’t exactly spring to the forefront of your mind when talking about trail-blazing, lead the way in supply chain platform technology. The way companies produce and distribute products is changing, and the world needs to change with it. Check it out here!


Kansas City cited as rail and road hub that could help it win federal smart-city dollars

Despite the sheer enormity of all the data that’s available in the modern day world, so much of it is irrelevant; thus inspiring inaccurate misperceptions that lead innovation down the wrong path. What we really need is not more data, but more accurate data. This fantastic article does a fantastic job of delving into this issue. Not to mention, it’s wonderfully written, concise, and engaging. Enjoy!

Water, Water Everywhere

This wonderful article details the benefits of why we should all learn to swim. Not teaching your children to swim can cause some very real, very tragic consequences that are often-times entirely avoidable. Check it out here.

Water News

At times, it can be difficult to stay-up-date with the latest news in the swimming world. Its rapid development and increasing popularity ensure events are constantly emerging, records are constantly being broken, and legends are constantly in the making. Lately, I’ve found this site to be quite helpful so that I can “stay in the know.” Check it out!


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